“I am a digital artist with an entrepreneurial spirit.
I truly love what I do and bring my passion for clean design to each and every project I work on.”


Being involved in the full lifecycle of a project requires a wide variety of tools. I currently work primarily in Sketch and InVision. I have been using Adobe tools for 16 years. These tools allow me to create wire frames, low and high fidelity prototypes, research and persona collateral, final visual design, team collaboration and project management using both Waterfall and Agile methodologies.



I have been specializing in web and mobile UX/UI design for close to 11 years. I have worked on all aspects of the UX process from Initial sketches, competitive research, wire frames, prototypes and interaction to final UI design as well as the QA process working closely with development teams to ensure the final product functions and looks as it was intended during the design phase. I have been involved with different types of usability testing throughout and after product launch while collaborating with various groups including the business stakeholders to make sure making sure the needs of the project meet the needs of the business.

Velocify Inc.

Collaborated as part of the UX team to create web + mobile designs for analytics, gamification, communication, sales and lead optimization tools as well as conducting research and user testing. Velocify is also part of the Salesforce ecosystem where I worked on the next gen redesign.

Meredith Broadcast

Created one application for 16 local medica FOX and CBS stations. I was responsible for all aspects of the project lifecycle including the QA process with the development team. This app was available on all devices including a tablet version.

Arbonne International

Created wireframes for a consumer facing mobile, beauty app. This project is currently under NDA.

20th Century FOX

Lead UX/UI designer for 3 internal tablet applications to help streamline different workflows for various departments throughout the studio. Responsible for all concepts, wires and final visual design.

Associated Press

Created wireframes and visuals for an internal specialty web + mobile app concept. Designed a presentation to stakeholders using InVision.

Sports Illustrated

Created final UX and UI design for the SI 2011 iOs Fantasy Football App. I took over the project during it’s first phase of UI design to create a new look and feel using different fonts, color treatments and UX improvements throughout. This version was launched successfully.